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Redesign your strategies with our web analytics and assessments. Google Web Analytics plays a significant role in structuring the business, optimizing content, and addressing the right type of audience. It also holds its share in constructing user-centric designs and sales driven functionality. Analytical tools generate data-based metrics that give an average figure of traffic movement and behavior. Data analysts and data scientists make use of these metrics as well as crude data to derive assessments. We provide insight into how and why the conversions happened, click behavior, customer reaction, brand awareness, and event tracking. Correctly analyzed data has immense capacity to attract visitors, keep them engaged, customer retention, revisits, market relocation and expansion, and brand emphasis.

Aside from tags and cookies, there are many other ways to utilize analytics for desired results. There are many tools, some are free, others cost a bit but all have to be customized. Our job is to understand the best practices for your business and use tools specifically for your campaigns. We will help you get a deeper understanding of the ways in which people interact with your business and the most effective channels.

Social Media platforms are prominent communication mediums. Our social media analysis is based on the integration of different platforms, their individual posts, cross-platform flow, audience groups, overall page visits and engagements, followers’ flow, and multi-device usage. Similarly, video tracking analytics generates reports based on channel review, specific video preferences, revisits/repeated viewers, impressions, impression click-through rate, watch time, subscribers, etc. Here are some of the common features of web analytics:

  • Real-time traffic behavior
  • Number of mobile and desktop users
  • Comparison of two versions of a single variable
  • Setting touch-points and conversion paths
  • Segmentation Determine the credibility of sales
  • Analysis of shared characteristics
  • Engagement funnel Goal setting and achievement
  • Privacy and security compliance
  • Heat-maps E-commerce advertisement effects
  • Mouse and click tracking
  • Tracking across sync devices

There are a number of other features that we can use in data-driven marketing and design. We implement the best tools and, in most cases, multiple platforms and tools to generate concise reports of user behaviors and favorable channels. We use only trusted platforms to collect data and generate reports. This practice shields customer privacy while the tool generates stats. Our data analysts are always available to help you frame your campaign based on the metrics. It isn’t just one website or one app, we connect all the loose ends spread across your online presence to get the reports. We are here to stream your aggressive campaigns with real-time tracking and advertising. Our mode of collection and goal setting is beyond social media accounts and landing pages. The funnel analysis presents every thread from every submission as well as the bounce at a certain stage. We derive practical results from the funnel analysis which is much dependent on human understanding. You can forecast your online sales, mend your eCommerce presence, and confirm to the user expectations with our assistance.

Quality insights can set a structured approach towards your business goals. You can utilize the valuable information to refine your efforts, measure your achievements, and return on investment. Moreover, you can place a brand-new webpage on the Internet, designed solely on audience insights. Understand the interaction of your customers with your website or webpage and align the click-through accordingly. The precision of your efforts is directly related to your success over your competitors. We are here to make web analytics and its tools accessible, ethical, usable, and profitable for you. You Know More About Google Web Analyticsemphasis

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