How Can I Plan a Youtube Marketing Campaign?

January 3, 2022 0 Comments

Youtube has now become the mainstream of digital marketing. The ABC of a Youtube marketing campaign begins with adding videos, optimizing them, making them reach the target audience and eventually lead to action. There are several forms of ads that can be placed on various channels and streams. You can use a video ad to stream before the clicked video which will run for a minimum of 10 secs, other ads that pop up during the streaming and those that appear on the fold of the Youtube Homepage. To run any of the marketing campaigns, a strong strategy is required. The following are the steps to plan and run your Youtube Marketing campaign.

Be selective with the audience
Youtube allows you to select the category of the audience, the genre where the ad is intended to play and even the little clips in between. Also, classify videos into playlists and name them clearly on the channel.

Have variety and keep it regular
The same ad appearing, again and again, looks very annoying. Instead of making your ad a jingle, introduce a variety of visually interesting things with the same theme. Your content should be absolutely original and regular. If your content is interesting, even after the first 10 secs, people will stay to see your ads as well. Don’t disappoint them.

Contacts, comments, and engagements

Openly invite others to subscribe to your Youtube channel. Subscription not only helps to lock the customers from going away, but it also adds new users to your list. The videos with more subscribers have better chances of becoming popular. Also, reply to the comments and try to engage with your audience as much as possible.

Share it

Social media sharing is an important part of digital marketing. You can share your video on other social media platforms such as Facebook and your worth it video will be shared by many others. Keep the sharing options open. You can also add clicks and links on these platforms for those who want to see more of it.

Create a channel for viewers to see your other videos
Start your channel where the viewers can come and see your other videos. Variety always helps. There should also be a clear detail of your business on this channel. This will take them a step closer to call to action. You can also add clickable annotations.

Embed the video to concerned blogs and other sites
You can link the videos to other social sites, embed them in a few blogs and try to create as many avenues to gather your potential viewers.

Optimizing videos
Just like Google, you can tag videos to some keywords. Tagging helps in bringing the concerned video on top of search results. The SEO techniques can be used to make your content appear on the prime list. The tags used for the videos should be mentioned in the description and title.

Call to Action
The entire objective of this campaign was to attract customers who are willing to buy your services or products. The call to action on Youtube can be to make them see your website, check your videos, see your channel or buy a product or service. There are different interactive features for each type of call-to-action such as click on the button below, see the description or check out our website, etc.