Tips For Planning A Digital Marketing Campaign

January 3, 2022 0 Comments

A digital marketing campaign requires aggressive efforts on social media pages, ads, applications, landing pages, microsites, content and all online sources of technology to drive more traffic, engagements, conversions, and revenue.

There are so many streams, platforms and effective planning of the campaign that will bring maximum return on investment through these platforms.

Some methods will be traditional whereas others will be experimental, whatever they are, they have to be planned as if you were planning a war.

Everything is interlinked and in the end, you will be able to track the reach trough some tools. Below is a step by step guide on how to plan a digital marketing campaign. 

Market Research

Market research is a fundamental step. Gather detailed information about the preferences and searches of consumers. This gives businesses an insight into the spending attitudes of consumers and provides important data for making beneficial decisions.

Competitor Analysis

The market niche you will be working on will have plenty of competitors, or you may be the pioneer. The next step is to analyze the status of your competitors, the topics they deal in, their tactics, the channels they use to drive in traffic and how well do they perform.

You will need to outperform them in their social media channels, the number of shares, interactive posts, content and also strike on their blindspot.

Objectives and Goals

The goal of any digital marketing campaign is to expand reach to the customers as far as possible. In order to reach that goal, the campaign has to be divided into different tasks. Prior to that, you will need to define stats on the basis of research done above, set metrics, define a budget and set strategy for how you will be monitoring progress.

Set invitation

In marketing funnel, it is needed at this step to decide and group the audience you will be addressing and make pre-arrangements to invite them to your page. Make an analysis of your services, section them into different taste types and set the groups where each product is to be promoted.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Set Seo strategies based on keyword tracking, site auditing, backlinking, PPC, Content, Referral Traffic, Brand Awareness, Social Media, Landing Page Optimisation.


Now you will start awareness, conversion and write fresh content based on your market research and audience insight. You will now use the resources gathered in the previous stages.

: conclusion

Get the grasp over your content, which is going to be a great asset, then divide time for their implementation. You will also run each digital piece created and make everything stand out from your competitors. The distribution planning of blog posts helps in setting up things when you go live.


With the help of tracking tools, you will see a significant increase in the traffic and conversion rate. The return on investment may not be measured within the first few weeks of the campaign, but its effect on brand establishment will soon be felt. Better the approach, quicker is the recovery. If you will look at the customized statistics, you will notice the difference between your competitor’s position and yours within a year.

Not only do rankings improve, but impressions, page views, and organic traffic also increase, usually after the initial three months. Soon the refers also improve, eventually meaning more leads.