Managed Clouds

Managed Clouds

Why the need for managed services arise?

  • The sheer number of 100+ products and solutions by every cloud brand. (=300 varieties)
  • Several products fall under overlapping categories.
  • Different techie nomenclature of each platform.
  • Costs keep rising as you keep stacking products.

What are the problems we unburden?

  • Too much time consumption
  • Idle lying resources
  • Compromised security
  • Product hoarding
  • Unorganized data rotting away the cost

When we come into action

  • You know how much storage or compute capacity you need.
  • Your data is organized, secured, migrated and maintained.
  • Identify and patch security loopholes.
  • You know your platform depth-wise and breadth-wise.
  • You fully utilize the resources to infinite scalability.
  • You exploit the full potential of your investment.

It takes several years for a business to arrive at a steady growth and become predictable. However, changing market dynamics and rising customer expectations are always a threat to the usual pace of business and the stock’s position. Utilising the novel methods of business operations has become primordial in redefining growth. Infrastructural transformation is a big part of this growth along with the rest of the never-ending to-do list. You can hand us this transformation and uplift your IT infrastructure with the three biggest managed cloud compute and storage providers – Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. You can efficiently bring these resources into action with our DevOps teams and breed as many digital components as you require. Our support is 24*7 available for continuous optimisation of your applications. Seamlessly leverage your business to the next generation environment with metrics-dependent Applistructure. While all this is pro-actively running, you get accuracy in operations through our automated development practices. With us, you can design, host and orchestrate flexible, agile and cost-effective applications, on-the-go. Impress your consumers and partners with e-sophistication.

As Pushtii has grown into an experienced service provider in the IT industry, we have also aligned with several cloud platforms and technology vendors. We try our best to make our customers successful by resolving their challenges, which often require variation in cloud vendors. We proceed with a strategic approach to provisioning resources for the business needs of our customers. We are fully adept with the technology of the cloud providers along with necessary certifications. Our technological handling method aims at strengthening the operations, long-term sustainability and impactful market presence.

We are the leading Managed cloud support company based in India, with more than a decade of experience. Our team promptly acts on the request and provides efficient, dependable and quick support for cloud solutions. You can experience quality and agility with us as well as grow your business to the endless possibilities with the cloud. As the complexity of your business increases, we upscale your assets in the appropriate manner. We believe in building long-term, reliable relationships and serve you as a trusted cloud support partner.

We trust only the trustworthy platforms. There is a little detailing here about Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.