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Managed Clouds

Why the need for managed services arise?

  • The sheer number of 100+ products and solutions by every cloud brand. (=300 varieties)
  • Several products fall under overlapping categories.
  • Different techie nomenclature of each platform.
  • Costs keep rising as you keep stacking products.

What are the problems we unburden?

  • Too much time consumption
  • Idle lying resources
  • Compromised security
  • Product hoarding
  • Unorganized data rotting away the cost

When we come into action

  • You know how much storage or compute capacity you need.
  • Your data is organized, secured, migrated and maintained.
  • Identify and patch security loopholes.
  • You know your platform depthwise and breadthwise.
  • You fully utilize the resources to infinite scalability.
  • You exploit the full potential of your investment.

We trust only the trustworthy platforms. There is a little detailing here about Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

Got questions? Ask them directly. What’s the harm in contacting!