Cloud Optimisation

Cloud Optimisation

Re-platforming or re-architecting, a strategy is always needed while migrating to the cloud

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Re-platforming or re-architecting, a strategy is always needed while migrating to the cloud as well as for managing it successfully. The tiny bits of the applications have to be smartly put together like the blocks of Lego. The task of optimising for the cloud resolves a number of different challenges that hinder the files from rightly fitting into the pegs. There are a lot of different aspects that we have to consider well before assessing the project in chunks. Our several years of experience has taught us to look holistically and for the deepest sensitive issues (not just the superfluous sensitivity). Here is a quick list of our cloud optimisation inclusion.

Businesses at an early stage on cloud implementation often need to optimise because they might haven’t fully understood their new option very well. Businesses who have been there for quite a while may also call for an expert to cloud optimisation, because they might have not known the latest models neighbouring them. Irrespective of the size and duration of the business, every organisation has to polish its assets from time to time in order to keep up with the changing scenarios. We are here to analyses the causes of the problems, put them before you, find their solutions and put the solutions before you. From the inception of idea till deployment, nothing is left untouched.

  • Handle urgency in the increased traffic on your applications.
  • See the cloud readiness of your applications/ pitfalls if it is already running there.
  • Evaluate the complexity of the integration points such as gateways, servers, storage, services, etc.
  • Check inter-application dependencies.
  • Analyze the host operating system, database servers, licenses, etc.
  • Evaluation of performance on the existing system.
  • Check which service model will suit best to your business.
  • Evaluate the operational costs of the IT resources and the cloud environment.

Our Certified Cloud Architects offer solutions that are highly scalable, secure and performance-oriented.

Talk to our Cloud expert.

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Every cloud vendor has its best and its worst areas. You can get an impartial analysis of all of them. You can limit instances and compute time, or auto-shut unused items for maximum savings. We have dealt and helped in many cases where unintended practices were bleeding away investments. Ultimately, you can see improvements in any of the following:

  • Better performance
  • Cost reduction
  • Error reduction
  • Speed
  • Smoothness in network


We own the toolkit to tackle the hard-coded issues, broken paths, respacing, restructuring, patching, encrypting, testing and other oddities. You can rely on our team to precisely speculate the requirement of upscaling based on your expected rise in the traffic. Mere identification of idle lying resources and improper content distribution isn’t enough for progressive businesses. We happily go slightly beyond the norm to provide exclusive tailormade solutions. We identify and reduce wastage of resources (a burning issue), find the inefficiency of apps in a specific set up, limit storage overruns, uncover security deficiencies and all other hidden things that add up to a hefty bill. It is also our job-role to caution the clients about overspending on unnecessary features. Why pay where you can be better as a freebie! Or why risk your sensitive data for a frugal cost! Let the responsibility rest on us. We make cloud for you inexpensive, reliable, scalable, predictable and improved in every possible sense.