Managed Cloud Services

Migrating workloads to the cloud can help reduce your physical IT infrastructure

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Cloud Managed Services

Managing the complexities of your cloud environment can be challenging. From basic systems and infrastructure maintenance to automating and innovating your most critical cloud systems, Pushtii’s 24×7 cloud managed services enables you to access a team of experts. We offer partial or complete management of your cloud resources or infrastructure. We have experienced Solution Architects who not only design your Cloud Architecture but can also help you manage your Cloud Infrastructure so that you can concentrate on what you do best – develop your application and manage your databases. These services are designed to enable organizations to maximize benefits from cloud services while minimizing internal time and costs.

You can access managed cloud services for public, private, and hybrid clouds at any point in the cloud adoption lifecycle. You can contact us for services before migration to gain help determining which cloud resources best suit your needs and to ensure that configuration is performed correctly.

Our Certified Cloud Architects offer solutions that are highly scalable, secure and performance-oriented.

Talk to our Cloud expert.

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