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Trusted cloud consulting services and our services seamlessly match and patch your IaaS and SaaS requirements


Pushtii has been bolstering businesses with efficient cloud services and other allied technology areas.

 We have helped them adopt the most suitable option in both IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and SaaS (Software as a Service). Our cloud consulting services wing architects applications and networks tailored for you. Each step, from planning to execution is firmly secured. There are several giant players already booming in the market and new ones are mushrooming each day, offering cloud tenancy. Moreover, each one has a different set of services and pricing structure.outsourcing.

Choosing from such an array of benefits and then switching to them proves to be a daunting task for a company’s limited IT force. Meanwhile, they are also responsible for the internal structure and functioning. Let aside setting up your own private cloud. Pushtii is a trusted cloud consulting services and our services seamlessly match and patch your IaaS and SaaS requirements. Hand all your IT pains to us and we will bring forth a bespoke solution. You will save several manhours and funds with this little

Our Certified Cloud Architects offer solutions that are highly scalable, secure and performance-oriented.

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What can we do for you?

  1. A plan built from scratch specifically for you
  2. Applications and network that run smoother than butter
  3. Execution of applications – at the hands of a master (both qualified and experienced)
  4. Not just reduce but eliminate your resource complications
  5. Help you secure your big data and comply with privacy norms
  6. No unnecessary IT lexical or jargon bombing
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